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Paving + Tiles

Explore our range of dimensional cut paving and tile products in various dimensions, thicknesses and finishes. All paving products have undergone extensive qualitative and quantitative testing by Stone Initiatives, an independent NATA-accredited laboratory specialising in dimension stone, to ensure consistent and premium supply of Australian bluestone. Learn more about the stone testing process or review our Q&A with Stone Initiatives


  • 995 x 495mm

  • 900 x 450mm

  • 900 x 300mm

  • 800 x 400mm

  • 600 x 450mm

  • 600 x 300mm

  • 495 x 495mm

  • 495 x 245mm

  • 400 x 400mm

  • 400 x 200mm

  • 300 x 450mm

  • 300 x 300mm

  • 245 x 245mm

  • Custom sizes


Diamond Sawn

A diamond sawn finish is achieved by cutting the stone with a circular diamond tipped saw blade. The appearance is lighter, achieves a slip resistant finish and is well suited to external paving areas. Diamond sawn is a popular finish as the end result shows the full spectrum of colour tones and character within the natural stone itself.

Slip Resistance AS4586:2013
– Classification: P5
– Slip Resistance Value (BPN): 67

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The bluestone is buffed with a specialist honing machine to create a smooth surface with a satin finish. Honed bluestone is often described as dark grey-blue in colour tones with fine grain characteristics. The stone finish is suitable for wall cladding, internal flooring and fireplace hearths.

Slip Resistance AS4586: 2013
– Classification: P2
– Slip Resistance Value (BPN): 25

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A polished finish has a smooth texture and endorses a highly reflective shiny surface. Polished bluestone is known for its unique characteristics such as the featuring of crystal like structures in the stone.

Grit Blasted

The bluestone is blasted at high velocity with air and recylced glass to create a unique, consistently textured slip resistant surface.

Slip Resistance AS 4586:2013
– Classification: P5
– Slip Resistance Value (SRV): 66 (BPN 61 - 71)

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Bush Hammered

The bluestone is mechanically hammered to give a heavily pitted and textured finish

Slip Resistance AS 4586:2013
– Classification: P5
– Slip Resistance Value (SRV): 83 (BPN 81 - 86)

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  • 15mm

  • 20mm

  • 30mm

  • 40mm

  • 50mm

  • 60mm and above



Melbourne City Council approved. Approximately 0-30% vesicles. The stone presents a cleaner finish with minimal veins and organic stone textures.

Learn more about the two different grades of bluestone and see product examples.

Approximately 30-100% vesicles. The basalt appearance is organic and natural with more vesiculation predominately featured in each paver.

Learn more about the two different grades of bluestone and see product examples.

Applications + Projects

Common Applications

Outdoor paving, outdoor stepping stones, garden features, urban parks and streetscapes.