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Edge Profiles
+ Dimensional Stairs


Edge Profiles + Dimensional Stairs

Discover our range of edge profiles and dimensional stair products in various dimensions, thicknesses and finishes. Common product applications include pools, driveways, feature walls, seats, tram stops, steps and civil works. All products are cut and made to order locally in south-west Victoria.


All Bamstone bluestone products are cut and made to order with world class machinery and Australian-made standards.


Diamond sawn

The stone is sawn and very lightly honed to just remove any noticeable saw marks

Slip Resistance AS4586:2013
– Classification: P5
– Slip Resistance Value (BPN): 67

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Honed then buffed with a specialist honing machine to create a smooth non-porous surface. The honing process gives honed bluestone a traditional, dark grey-blue colour.

Slip Resistance AS4586: 2013
– Classification: P2
– Slip Resistance Value (BPN): 25

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A polished finish has a highly reflective surface, which will display the vibrancy of the stone's colors as well as the stone characteristics. The texture is very smooth and is not very porous. The full color, depth, and crystal structure is visible with a polished finish.


  • Drop down

  • Bevel

  • Reversed Bevel

  • Arris (1-2mm)

  • Birdsmouth

  • Chamfer (45°)

  • Rebate

  • Rebate/Channel

  • False Joint

  • Drip Channel

  • Waterfall

  • Mitred Apron

  • Lambs Tongue

  • Bullnose

  • Shark Nose

  • Splayed

  • Arris Mitred

  • Pencil Round

  • Pencil Round

  • Pencil Round

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