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Offcuts for Crazy Paving


Offcuts for Crazy Paving

Highly sought-after landscaping products, offcuts are a by-product that results during the dimensional paving production and stone cutting process at Bamstone. The texture, natural colour and size variations make such products ideal for courtyards, garden paving, pool surrounds, pathways and curved designs. The design possibilities and applications are truly endless with such a diverse product – from interior and exterior paving to feature wall cladding.  

We supply offcuts as small to large natural shapes, organic rounds and billets.

If you have a design idea or concept for your paving project, contact our team to learn more about the application process. When working with natural bluestone, there are many installation techniques to be considered when striving for a desired pattern and overall aesthetic.

Stone pattern applications which can be achieved through design and installation techniques:

  • Standard Offcuts

  • Premium Offcuts

  • Organic Rounds

  • Stone Billets


  • 20mm

  • 30mm

  • 40mm

Applications + Projects

Common Applications