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Our Australian Made Story

About Bamstone

Our story is centred in historical origins, unique craft and natural landscapes. A story of discovery, hard work, family and beauty in its natural form.

The Australian landscape is one of stark contrasts and often contrasting terrain. The harshness of the environment has woven the natural elements together to forge materials that are tough in formation and stunning in appearance.

The volcanic lava flow of Mount Rouse journeyed down the mountain to the coast of Port Fairy in Victoria’s south-west, resting in place for thousands of years as it formed to create Australian basalt bluestone, a stone equal in both strength and natural beauty.

This rich basalt stone source was identified by Don and Yvonne Bartlett in 1975. The uniqueness of the stone, and the opportunity that lay within the soil, was the beginning of Bamstone. A quarry facility was erected on the site, where all extraction and pre-processing of raw materials continues to take place.

Bamstone has remained in the family for three generations, with Michael and Cheryl Steel taking over the reins in 2001, and Sam Steel joining the team in 2021. The sense of family is evident throughout the business and its operation.

We are intrinsically Australian. Our product and our people. We remain local, placing value and respect on the land. We are dedicated to ensuring longevity of this natural resource.

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Our Team

Our team are passionate about our Australian Made story and the production of made-to-order bluestone products.

Each team member is highly skilled in their area of specialisation, carrying vast experience in the mechanics of stone processing machinery, processing of artistic and dimensional stone products and partnership lead customer service.

We embrace opportunities to form strong client relationships, providing product, installation, design and engineering support on all projects.

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