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Landscape Grade Bluestone
Standard Grade Bluestone

When choosing Bamstone bluestone paving and tiles, it’s important to understand the right grade of stone for your project and the natural vesiculation characteristics that occur in natural Australian bluestone products.

The term vesiculation is technical term which refers to the natural markings within the stone. These markings are natural a natural formation which forms when lava cools and degasses. Such natural features more commonly appear as round clusters of air bubbles which are more generally labelled as “cats paws” or in strips of veining known as “banding”. Vesiculation may also appear as broad irregular shapes. ​

Taking vesiculation into consideration, Bamstone supply bluestone paving and tiles in two grades; Standard grade and Landscape grade.

Standard Grade:

Melbourne City Council approved. Approximately 0-30% vesicles. The stone presents a cleaner finish with minimal veins and organic stone textures. ​

Landscape Grade:

Approximately 30-100% vesicles. The basalt appearance is organic and natural with more vesiculation predominately featured in each paver.



*please note that the products features on this page are samples only. Each basalt product is unique and therefore variances in natural characteristics and markings will occur.

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