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Stone Testing

Confidence + Consistency

All Bamstone products have undergone extensive qualitative and quantitative testing by Stone Initiatives, an independent NATA-accredited laboratory specialising in dimension stone, to ensure consistent and premium supply of Australian bluestone.

Industry stone testing determines the properties of the material and its fitness for use in public and private spaces. Stone is a natural product that can vary in appearance and physical properties throughout the quarry. Regular testing allows us to understand the strengths, weaknesses, and any variability within the stone.

Over the years, Stone Initiatives have conducted extensive research and testing of Bamstone bluestone. This testing ensures that the products we provide, derived from the natural bluestone resource at our local quarry site, are of incredible quality – setting the bar high on a global scale.

Summary of Stone Initiatives consultation with Bamstone:

  • Determination of the physical properties of dimensional Bamstone bluestone.
  • Selection and sourcing of Bamstone bluestone when preparing for new quarry licences and extensions.
  • Durability and weathering assessment of Bamstone bluestone.
  • Detailed investigation into Bamstone bluestone and construction material failures.
  • Performance and development of quality assurance programs and specifications.

Learn more about stone testing and the unique characteristics of Australian bluestone

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About Stone Initiatives

Dedicated to the testing and analysis of dimensional stone, Stone Initiatives is recognised as one of the predominant materials testing facilities in the Australasian region. The highly qualified and experienced team are committed to providing an end-to-end consulting service that is an asset for the architectural, conservation and building industries from “the ground up”.

“The purpose of industry stone testing is to determine the properties of the material. By testing your product, you can build confidence in the product and its fitness for use in public and private spaces. Stone is a natural product and its unique strengths, weaknesses, and any variability must be understood. Testing is about more than just numbers, and a rock is not simply a rock.”

Jim Mann
Business founder and Principal at Stone Initiatives