Shaping the world’s places

Australian Bluestone

Strength & Beauty

Australian bluestone is a naturally occurring rock type, formed as lava flowed from Mt Rouse collided to create the fine-grained basalt we call Bamstone bluestone.

As a natural stone, Australian bluestone was formed by nature and not in a factory. Every piece is unique, with its own story to tell. It is this uniqueness that is celebrated world over, and sets one project apart from another.

Bluestone is a popular stone product for indoor and outdoor environments, admired for its combination of strength and beauty. The earthy colour range suits a variety of architectural styles, effectively blending the contemporary and natural environments. Bluestone is proven to be strong, dense, durable and stain resistant, our bluestone is unsusceptible to warping, exfoliation or rust upon installation.

Our team of highly-skilled craftsmen examine the material at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and allocate to specific orders, pending the size, shape and grade of the natural boulder formation, to provide the very best products for each project.

The variety of formats, sizes, and surface textures available is one of advantages of choosing Australian bluestone. Bamstone bluestone products are made to order meaning the design potential is limitless.

“Nowhere else in the world will you find bluestone as immense in its strength, durability and timeless beauty; every piece unique, yet bound by such qualities”.