Bamstone recently supplied Australian Bluestone to the spectacular Australian Museum front entrance in Sydney, NSW.

What is unique about this Bamstone project?

In sections of the paving, original footprints from an Indigenous Australian child during the Pleistocene era have been etched into the stone.

The footprints are estimated to be 20,000 years old and are STILL visible at Lake Mungo. What a remarkable representation and testimony to Australian history.

“…The footprints and stride lengths show how the child walked, paused, turned and ran away from the group they were with, before walking briskly back towards them. Perhaps the child was called back by an adult or older sibling. So seldom in open-site archaeology do we see such a personal and familiar signature.”

Harvey Johnston and Michael Westaway, Archaeologists

Bamstone were delighted to be part of this historic project.

Like the child’s footprints, our Bluestone pavers will be stand the test of time!