Q: What is Australian Bamstone bluestone?

Australia is fortunate to have the finest quality bluestone in the world. Unlike international bluestone products, our Australian Bluestone is pure in its formation and contains no secondary minerals. Bamstone bluestone is NOT susceptible to warping, curling or rust upon installation. Over time, our Bluestone develops further in aesthetic qualities, darkening with age.

Bamstone Australian Bluestone maintains its clarity and beauty in high traffic and public areas. After the initial tracking in of the stone, Bamstone bluestone is less susceptible to staining, developing its own natural patina. The stone can change with the mood of the weather, dark when raining and lighter when dry. Once tracked in, Bamstone bluestone becomes seamless. Bamstone bluestone is long lasting and robust, injecting colour, depth and perspective.

The Bamstone captive bluestone quarry is located in South Western Victoria, Australia, close to the company’s production facility. Great care is used to extract the stone from the Mt Rouse lava flow, ensuring a consistently high grade raw material.

Q: Is our raw stone material sustainable?

Yes. Bamstone has two dimension stone Work Authority licences for the extraction of high quality Australian Bluestone. Our quarries are located within close proximity to our Port Fairy stone cutting and manufacturing facility.

Q: What stone sealer product do you recommend?

Our Bluestone does not necessarily require a sealer. This depends upon the site in which the Bluestone is to be installed and the requirements of the client. For further information and recommendations on what treatment, if any, is suited, we recommend you speak to one of our experienced team members.

Left unsealed, our Bluestone will develop a natural patina over time. The Bamstone Bluestone installed on the streets of Melbourne has never been sealed!

Q: Can I have the bluestone cut to any size?

Yes. We have world-class stone cutting facilities and trained professional staff at Bamstone, allowing us to manufacture stone products to your desired specifications.

Q: Do you have a depot in Melbourne?

Paddy’s Bricks

240 Kensington Road, West Melbourne

Victoria, Australia 3003


Q: Does Bamstone deliver Australia and worldwide?

Bamstone exports Bluestone and Granite products nationally and internationally.

Our team can take care of all delivery arrangements on your behalf, leaving you free to get on with what you need to do!

Let’s talk Bluestone! Please call our friendly staff on 03 5568 2655